Domestic Flights in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most famous touristic country in the world. This fascinating country filled with mighty Himalayas and natural paradise is the best destination for both national and international tourists. To provide good service and to consume the time of our guest, Nepal government has been concerned about the means of transportation within the country. Domestic air service has provided luxurious and delighted service throughout the country.

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE TILBURY CUSTOMS CLEARANCE LONDON GATEWAY There are many airports in Nepal in several locations such as Pokhara, Bharatpur, Jomsom, Janakpur, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj and many more counting international airport in Kathmandu. Beside metro cities of Nepal there are many more airport and airplanes that fly into the mostgtechniq ceramic coating skips braintree remote areas of upper Himalayas and villages. Domestic flight service is operated in order to maintain a proper service for the tourist and the travelers throughout the country. Some of the list of the flight and flying destination of Nepal domestic flights are as follows.

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Nepal Mountain Flights

Duration : 1 Hour

Cost : US $203

Airlines : Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines, Simrik Airlines, Tara Airlines, Yeti Airlines

Kathmandu Pokhara Flight

Duration : 25 min

Cost : US $126

Distance : 150 Km

Airlines : Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines, Simrik Airlines, Tara Airlines, Yeti Airlines

Kathmandu Lukla Flight

Duration : 35 min

Cost : US $161

Distance : 175 km

Airlines : Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines, Simrik Airlines, Tara Airlines, Yeti Airlines

Pokhara Jomsom Flight

Duration : 55 min

Cost : US $175

Distance : 145 km

Airlines : Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines, Simrik Airlines, Tara Airlines, Yeti Airlines

Kathmandu Bharatpur Flight

Looking for a flight from Kathmandu to Bharatpur airport?  You are in the right place for the flight ticket booking for Chitwan, the Bharatpur airport. We deal the cheap flight tickets for Bharatpur flight with Buddha air and Yeti airlines.

Kathmandu Bhairahawa Flight

Duration : 45 min

Cost : US $55

Distance : 200 km

Airlines : Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines, Simrik Airlines, Tara Airlines, Yeti Airlines

Kathmandu Nepalgunj Flight

Nepalgunj situated at the south west part of Nepal on the Terai plain is one of the popular destination for those who trek into western Himalayas and plains of Nepal. This beautiful town is closer city with southern border of Uttar Pradesh (state) of India.

Nepalgunj Jumla Flight

Nepalgunj to jumla is the shortest flying destination of 20min from Nepalgunj airport to Jumla. Jumla is one of the most remote village of Nepal with enormous natural beauty and culture that reflect the beauty of Nepal. Tara Air and Nepal Airline are operating flight to Jumla.

Nepalgunj Simikot Flight

Nepalgunj to Simikot is another short flight all the way to the gate way to the western trekking region or towards Mansarovar Lake. It takes just 38 min to reach Simikot through aircraft enjoying the natural panorama, Himalayas view and majestic view of holy Mansarovar or Kailash.

Kathmandu Bhadrapur Flight

Kathmandu Bhadrapur flight is one of the major domestic flight that is operated by many major airlines companies. Bhadrapur airport is one of the major airport of Nepal connecting eastern region of Nepal with India and the most beautiful Kanchenjunga region.

Kathmandu Biratnagar Flight

Biratnagar the industrial hub of Nepal is the second biggest city of Nepal after Kathmandu valley. This Biratnagar airport lies in the Morang district which attracts many tourists with its colorful festivals and unique culture. Beside tourism purpose Biratnagar

Kathmandu Simara Flight

Kathmandu Simara Flight is another major flying destination into the busy city of Bhairawa and Birgunj. This 15 min flight is the shortest flying destination from Kathmandu. Simara is the nearest airway destination for those who seek to visit the terrain belt of Nepal bordered to India

Kathmandu Janakpur Flight

Kathmandu Janakpur flight is a 25 min flight from Kathmandu airport to the holy city of Janakpur. Janakpur the birth place of Lord Ram and the city of fascinating temples, architectural design, shrines and the culture. This shiny city is believed to possess delighted history and myth.

Kathmandu Tumlingtar Flight

Kathmandu Tumlingtar Flight is one of the most exotic flight into the Manaslu region of Nepal. This fascinating flight above the Himalaya range of Nepal is filled with delighted mountain scene. Kathmandu Tumlintar Flight is a 35min flight from Kathmandu

Kathmandu Bhojpur Flight

Kathmandu Bhojpur Flight is a 20min flight from the crowded and shiny city of Kathmandu to the beautiful Bhojpur airport situated at an elevation of 4000ft at the lap of mighty Himalayas of Nepal. Bhojpur lies in a hilly and mountainous area of Koshi Zone.

Kathmandu Phaplu Flight Ticket Booking

Kathmandu Phaplu Airport is another astonishing airport situated at the lap of Himalaya of Nepal. This fascinating airport is situated at an elevation of 2413m in Sankuasava district. Kathmandu Phaplu Airport 35 min scenic flight from Kathmandu to the Himalayan airstrip of Phaplu.

Kathmandu Lamidanda Flight

Kathmandu Lamidanda Flight is a 15min flight from Kathmandu to Lamidanda. This fascinating town is blessed with natural beautiful surrounding and historical sites. Beside natural sightseeing

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